About Us

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  • I'm Blaise Golden, the creator and lead designer of Golden Designworks (“GD”). When I am not thinking up new concepts or drawing up new designs, I pursue my day job as a Structural Engineer in the Aerospace Industry. While my career is extremely analysis oriented, I have always had a passion to explore my creative/design side. I have been fortunate to learn the tools needed to bring ideas to life for others, like you, to enjoy.

  • GD was created with the intention to bring unique ideas and designs to the hands of other enthusiasts, like us. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people enjoy a product that we designed from the ground up and knowing that it is the best product we could deliver. Our main goal at GD is to produce a product that has a very high attention to detail and is constantly evolving to improve on results. Our hope is that all of this translates into some of the best products available!

  • -Blaise