• At Golden Designworks, it is always our goal to produce quality products that will last a lifetime! Golden Designworks offers a limited, lifetime warranty to the (original) purchaser of any of our products. All Golden Designworks products are guaranteed to cover any manufacturing defects, including the materials and/or construction.

  • This warranty will be void if the tool has been abused, used in ways deemed beyond its intended function, or modified in any way. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, rust, lack of maintenance, damage due to improper use, or any modifications.

  • All of our products are individually inspected prior to shipping to ensure no customer recieves a defective product; there is still always a possibility a product could get through with a defect. If a product is determined to be defective, we will either repair it or replace it.

  • If you do happen to ever have a problem with a Golden Designworks product you receive, please contact us, and we will do our absolute best to rectify it!