Perfect EDC.

With a 2.94" blade and a 6.75" overall length, the Nugget is the perfect, compact knife for your every day carry.

Efficiently Packaged

For an even smaller footprint, that 2.94" blade fits seamlessly into an only 3.84" handle/closed length.

More Ways to Fidget

The Nugget offers more ways to fidget with both thumb stud deployment and front flipper tab.

Details Matter

The Nugget has a custom pivot and custom thumb studs featuring the domed styling common to all GD designs.

154CM Blade

A quality knife doesn't have to cost a fortune. To keep the price of the Nugget more budget friendly, it has a 154CM blade which strikes a good balance of steel quality and value.


No Golden Designwork's product would be complete without some necessary milling textures. The Nugget has streamlined milling lines which flow with the clean and sweeping overall lines of the knife.


The Nugget has a beatufully sculpted clip which compliments and accents the contouring of the handles very well while functioning flawless. Into the pocket with just the right amount of resistance to do it one-handed, and a slightly higher resistance coming out as you would want to keep it secure.


The Nugget's handles are just slightly chamfered for a more comforable, contoured grip and added visual appeal.

Maintenance in Mind

The Nugget uses all T8 hardware to make take-down, cleaning and assembly a breeze. All the hardware is located on the lock side to keep things clean .

Full Specifications & Features

General Specifications

Overall Length: 6.75"

Weight: 3.3 oz

Overall Thickness (w/ Clip): 0.63"

Overall Thickness (w/o Clip): 0.47"

Blade Specifications

Length: 2.94"

Material: Crucible 154CM

HRC: 60-62

Finish: Stonewashed Grinds, Machine Satin Flats

Grind: Flat/Sabre

Cutting Edge: 2.91"

Width: 1.29"

Stock Thickness: 0.118"

Thickness BTE: ~0.015 (15 Thousandths)

Handle Specifications

Length: 3.81"

Material: 6AL-4V Titanium

Finish: Glass Blasted / Sand Blasted

Thickness (Each Handle): 0.157"

Grip Length: 3.62"

Max Width: 1.29"

Grip Width: 0.89"

Backspacer, Clip, & Pivot Collars Specifications

Material: 6AL-4V Titanium

Finish: Glass Blasted / Sand Blasted

Hardware Specifications

Material: Titanium

Finish: Glass Blasted & Anodized

Pivot Drive: Torx T8

Body Drive: Torx T8

Lock Bar Insert Drive: T8


Carry: Tip-Up, Right-Hand

Pivot: Caged Ceramic Ball Bearings

Detent: Ceramic Ball

Lock: Inset, Steel Liner

Opening Method: Thumb Stud / Front Flipper

Other Features: Hybrid-Deep Carry Pocket Clip, Custom Pivot, Custom Thumb Studs, Keyed Pivot, Extensive Internal Milling, 3D Contoured Handles

Origin/Manufacturer Info

Country of Origin: China

OEM: Bestech Knives Company


Meet the Nugget, the latest creation from Golden Designworks that strikes the perfect balance between budget-conscious design and premium quality. This little gem follows the refined and elegant design language of our popular Standard & Caliber models, with sleek lines, pristine aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail, all packed into a more compact size.


Due to its smaller size, the Nugget is incredibly pocket-friendly, making it your perfect on-the-go companion without sacrificing functionality. Unlike our previous designs, it lacks a forward choil, however, the handle seamlessly flows into the blade, still providing an extensive grip area for enhanced control and handling.


Adding to its appeal, the Nugget features an inset liner lock, elevating its visual appeal and allowing for slender, chamfered handles that fit comfortably in your hand while reducing weight. Every component is crafted from titanium (aside from the lock bar) to offer maximum customizability.


The Nugget is more than just an affordable knife; it's a testament to our dedication to excellence, all packed into a compact and affordable masterpiece.