Production Changes

Below you will find all the information and details summarizing the changes being made to the production version of the STANDARD when compared to the prototypes.

  • Quick Summary:

    1. Blade steel will be Bohler M390

    2. Jimping on the blade will be extended to the forward end of the blade hole

    3. Lightening holes (in the frame) will be modified slightly

    4. Internal construction will be simplified

    5. Lock bar access will be less sharp

    6. Blade swedge will be removed near the front flipper tab

    7. Lock face angle will be modified very slightly

  • 1. Blade Steel

    Bestech no longer has any CPM Magnacut in stock, with no word when more will become available. The production version will have a Bohler M390 blade.

  • 2. Blade Jimping

    The jimping on the spine of the blade will be extended to the end of the hole in the blade, as shown.

  • 3. Lightening Holes

    The lightening holes in the frames have been modified in shape (and increased in size) slightly to reduce weight and shift the CG forward marginally.

  • 4. Internal Construction

    The internal construction has been modified to simplify disassembly and reassembly. This includes keying the overlays to the frames as well as swapping T6 hardware with T8 hardware.

  • 5. Lockbar Access

    The lockbar access has been modified to reduce sharpness on the thumb when unlocking. The sliver where the access pocket meets the chamfer on the outside of the frame (highlighted in yellow) is now approximately 2.5x as thick. Though the area highlighted is on the side used to unlock, this change occurs on both sides.

  • 6. Blade Swedge

    In an effort to make the front-flipping action a little less sharp on the fingers/thumb, the blade swedge has been modified so that it stops short of the front flipper tab (~3/8"). It transitions smoothly from no swegde near the front flipper tab to the remaining swedge on the rest of the blade, as shown.

  • 7. Lockup/Lock Face

    One of the four prototypes experienced lock slip/failure under moderate spine whacking. The initial slope of the lock face will be modified slightly to ensure this is not an issue. At the manufacturer, random inspection and testing of a handful of knives will be completed.

If you would like any further clarification or imagery regarding any of the production changes described here, please feel free to reach out, and we will provide you with any details as best we can.